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Outlook is a powerful email and collaboration client that ships with Microsoft Office. Outlook is capable of providing email, contact management, scheduling, task managment and much more.

All of the Outlook data is stored in files called .PST files. PST stands for "Personal Storage Table". PST files keep local copies of all your email, calendars, contacts, notes and journals. These files are most commonly used in Outlook applications. When you use Outlook as your email client, everything in your account is stored in a PST file. If you have multiple accounts, then each may be using a different PST file. Since PST files store so much crucial data, it can be of great concern when a problem arises with one of your PST files. Also, prior to Outlook 2003, the file size was limited to 2GB. So once an email account grew above that size, the file would just lock itself - this is a common cause of PST troubles.

Since all of your Outlook data is stored in PST files, if one of these becomes corrupt, or goes missing, there can be huge problems. We highly recommend that you backup your PST files on a regular basis. However, if you do have a corrupt or missing PST, you can run our recommended Outlook PST recovery tool right now.
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Common Outlook Problems

Below are some common PST problems or error codes that you might experience. By this point your PST file may already be unusable, in which case you should run a scan immediately. There are many other PST error codes, but this is just a sample:

  • 0x80040116 - Outlook.pst can not be accessed.
  • 0x80040119 - An unknown error has occurred.
  • 0x80040600 - An unknown error has occurred.
  • PST file has become corrupt or locked
  • PST file has exceeded the maximum size allowable (generally 2GB)
  • Outlook cannot find your PST file
  • PST has reached maximum size limit
  • OL2000: Unable to Use Your Personal Folder File if it Exceeds the 2 GB Size Limit

For these and any other PST problems, try the free download of Outlook PST Recovery. This is a 100% safe and guaranteed solution for recovering Outlook Email.

With Outlook PST Recovery you can do the following:

  • Recover lost or missing email
  • Recover calendars, contacts and schedules
  • Split large PST files into smaller more manageable files
  • Recover lost Outlook passwords
  • and more!

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